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We just announced our upcoming Subscription Season.
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Experience Powerful, Provocative Theatre at Pandora Productions’ live theatre performances with a Subscription Package that offers a savings of 20% off single ticket prices.  Pandora makes subscribing easy and as inexpensive as possible.  Subscriber tickets for the entire season are available at the will call table outside the theatre.  We don’t mail tickets which helps keep costs down, and subsequently, our subscription rates.  Additionally, Subscriber seats are always guaranteed (however, while we cannot guarantee you a seat if you miss your chosen performance, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to switch into another performance if seats are available at no extra charge).

Packages & Rates – SAVE $5 OFF THROUGH MARCH 31st

1)     New & Existing Subscribers:  $100.00.  

2)     Seniors and Students:  $90.00.

You may also call 502.216.5502 for questions regarding our Subscriber program or your purchase for more information.

Subscriber Notifications

As a Subscriber, you will receive an e-card reminder prior to each show throughout the season. We will assume that you are coming based on your previously chosen performance, unless we hear from you IN ADVANCE.  Please understand that we will make every effort to accommodate you anytime, however, seating cannot be guaranteed for Subscribers who show up on a date other than their selected date without having emailed or called prior. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated and again, we make every effort possible to ensure that all Subscribers see our work.

Pandora Productions is the only theatre company in the Louisville Metro region that is exclusively devoted to telling the stories of the LGBTQ Community.

Subscriber Performance Choices & Exchange Policy

In our effort to ensure that Subscribing is convenient and easy, we do ask that you choose the performances for which you’d like your season tickets, as this guarantees your seating for each performance. However, you are not locked into that performance if you need to change as exchanges in advance are free and easy for subscribers. Once you receive your reminder e-card, we will supply your chosen performance and the date by which we need to know your exchange request (you may also call 502.216.5502 or email us at Subscribers@PandoraProds.org).

We are happy to offer this convenience at no extra cost to you, however, we cannot guarantee performance availability for exchanges. If the exchange deadline is missed or you miss your chosen performance we will make every effort to accommodate you at another performance but will be subject to availability. If you decide to attend the theatre on an evening or matinee other than your chosen date and have not alerted us, we will attempt to accommodate you, however, in the interest of fairness and our efforts to seat all patrons, if you arrive and we have a waiting list, your name will go on the waiting list at the time you arrive.  In the unlikely event we are unable to get you in we will work to get you into another performance.