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So, you want to be seen on Pandora’s stage?

If you’d like to be added to our auditions notice distribution list, for future auditions and replacement auditions, please email us at info@pandoraprods.org with Auditions in the subject line. If you’d like to send a digital headshot and resume that would be most welcome as well.   

All 2018-2019 productions except SOUTHERN COMFORT & GIRLFRIEND have been cast.
No date has been set for GIRLFRIEND auditions.
Auditions for SOUTHERN COMFORT are Saturday, July 7th from 1 – 3 p.m.
See the specific audition notice here.
Please bring a picture and resume.
Full show descriptions, casting requirements, rehearsal schedule, tech and performance schedules can be found below.
Actors who’ve worked with us before and who are interested in a particular role (shows with production dates are listed below) for the 2018-2019 Season should email Michael at the address below and let him know the role(s) you are interested in… artisticdirector@pandoraprods.org


Pandora Productions 2018-2019 Season 
all productions listed below will be presented at
The Henry Clay Theatre  ||  604 S. Third Street., 3rd Floor, Louisville, KY 40202
 Auditions are NOT at the Henry Clay, Location will be sent when appointment is made.
ALTAR BOYZ (Musical) Season Extra || August 3 – 25, 2018
The holy inspiring story of 5 small-town boys – Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan and Abraham – trying to save the world one screaming fan at a time. A pious pop act, Altar Boyz is destined to rock the masses of all denominations! Full of sharp parody, sinfully spectacular dancing, and irreverent humor, this spoof about a heavenly guy-group is an extraordinary mix of side-splitting songs, uncontrollable laughs and lighthearted fun, this award-winning and totally original musical is 90 minutes of pure delight that’s suitable for all ages and will have the whole family laughing and singing along.
Director: Michael J. Drury
Musical DirectorDaniel D. Martin
ChoreographerAlfred Dale Jones, Jr.
MATTHEW Cameron Conners
MARK Michael Detmer
LUKE Tony Smith
JUAN Remy Sisk
ABRAHAM Alfie Jones

(Musical) September 13 – 29, 2018
book by Joe Masteroff; music by John Kander; lyrics by Fred Ebb
Based on the play I Am a Camera by John Van Druten; Based on stories by Christopher Isherwood
Cliff, an American author working on a novel in late 1930’s Berlin, encounters Sally at the seedy Kit Kat Klub where she sings. When she is fired by her jealous boyfriend and club’s owner, she moves in with Cliff and the two fall in love. Fraulein Schneider, a German boarding house owner and Herr Schultz, an elderly Jewish fruit vendor have struck up their own relationship. Overseeing the action is the Emcee. As the Nazis begin taking control of the government, the atmosphere of the Kit Kat Klub, serving as a metaphor for ominous political developments, and the lives of our couples begin to change dramatically.
DirectorMichael J. Drury
Musical DirectorPhillip Morgan
ChoreographerMaggie Patten
Emcee Jack Wallen
Sally Lauren McCombs
Cliff Jordan Price
Schneider Georgette Kleier
Schultz Jim Hesselman
Kost Amanda Kyle Lahti
Ernst Patrick Vaughn
Rosie Jessica Sharpenstein
Lulu Molly Kays
Frenchy Tymica Prince
Texas Maggie Patten
Fritzy Erin Jump
Helga Mandy Kramer
Bobby Remy Sisk
Victor, Sailor5 Dalen Payton
Hans, Sailor3, Bodyguard1 Alfie Jones
Hermann, Sailor4, Bodyguard2 Landy Saavedra
Max, Sailor1, Guest Scott Goodman
Officer, Sailor2, Patron, Guest Eric Sharp
Chanteuse, Patron, Guest Jenna Ryan
Patron, Guest Courtney Glenny

 (Comedy) November 8 – 24, 2018
by Anthony Wilkinson
The follow up to the Big Gay Italian Trilogy, a Christmas show designed specifically for the holiday season. A bisexual triangle, political conversations gone spoiled, a variety of over the top characters and the snow storm of the century are just a few of the ingredients of this Big Gay Italian Christmas lasagna. Anthony, his new boyfriend, Angela and Aunt Toniann are present for the holiday gathering, as is Anthony’s very pregnant, crazy sister Maria. You can also expect some new characters like Cousin Josephine, Victorio and Olivia Buccatini.
Guest DirectorJason Cooper
ANGELA Barb O’Daniel-Munger
MARIA Anna Francis
ANTHONY Jacob Cooper
TONIANN Kristy Calman
VICTORIO Elliott Talkington
OLIVIA Jessica Tanselle
PATRICK Michael David Smith

(Play with Music) January 10 – 26, 2019
By Julianne Wick Davis, Dan Collins
A courageous, heart-soaring musical that tells the true story of a group of transgender friends living life on their own terms in the back hills of rural Georgia. At its core, it is a love story between patriarch, Robert Eads, and newcomer Lola Cola. Through a unique folk and bluegrass-inspired score, the musical chronicles a year in the lives of this unique American family as they courageously defy the odds by simply remaining on the land to which they were born, reminding us that home is where we find comfort in our skin.
DirectorMichael J. Drury
Musical Director: TBA


Transgender man: A wiry, “electric” man in his fifties. He has the ability to seem like a wide-eyed child and a wise old prophet all at once.
Transgender woman: A tall, broad-shouldered woman; somewhat uncomfortable in her own skin. Professionally she still assumes the identity of John. Mid-forties.
Transgender man: A little elf of a man; full of warmth and mischief but struggling with a deep resentment and anger at the world around him. Late thirties/early forties.
Transgender woman: Jackson’s girlfriend. A naughty Catholic school boy turned naughty Catholic school girl; tough, feminine, and confident. Late twenties/early thirties.
Transgender man: A hefty, introverted man. He might almost be intimidating, were it not for his extremely gentle and somewhat sad demeanor. Late thirties/early forties.
Cisgender woman: Sam’s wife. Spirited and full of good humor, but apprehensive of the world around her. Early/midforties.
An onstage folk band that serves as the “orchestra” and storytellers for the show; acting as all the characters in the piece aside from the primary six. They are the passing time and the changing seasons, Robert’s parents, the haunting voices of his doctors, and so on. They serve as the storytelling backbone to our “Modern-Day Folk Tale,” while also embodying the environment/atmosphere/world around our primary characters – both physically and musically.

Rehearsal Dates:         November 25 – January 4, 2019
Tech Rehearsals:         January 5 – 10, 2019 (usually 6p-11p)
Performances:             January 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 @ 7:30 p; Jan 13 @ 2:30 p & 20 @ 5:30 p
Photo Call:                   TBA (but before or after a performance, likely a Sunday evening)
Strike:                           January 26 after the final performance (all cast expected to assist)

 (Rock Musical) March 7 – 23, 2019
book by Todd Almond, music by Matthew Sweet
Set to the irresistible songs from Matthew Sweet’s landmark album, this musical gives voice to those who grew up in small towns, those who didn’t quite fit in, and anybody who remembers the terror and thrill of first love. It’s small town Nebraska, 1993. Two teenage boys who’ve just graduated from high school – Will, a social outcast keeps his distance from people and Mike, the sports star and big man on campus, who despite having a girlfriend inexplicably finds himself attracted to Will – on Mike’s suggestion that they hang out they explore a relationship during a summer of self-discovery. 
DirectorMichael J. Drury
Musical DirectorTBA
18-22; social outcast, gay, shy, just graduated from high school
18-22; sports star, big man on campus, has a girlfriend but he has other feelings he doesn’t understand, just graduated from high school
Rehearsal Dates:         February 15 – March 3, 2019
Tech Rehearsals:         March 3 – 7, 2019 (usually 6p-11p)
Performances:             March 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23 @ 7:30 p; March 10 @ 2:30 p & 17 @ 5:30 p
Photo Call:                   TBA (but before or after a performance, likely a Sunday evening)
Strike:                           March 23 after the final performance (all cast expected to assist)

 (Serio-Comedy) May 9 – 25, 2019
by Peter Parnell
Two couples who recently met at a parents group are out to dinner at the hot new restaurant. The foursome share photos of their kids, trade war stories from pre-school applications, and discuss their work. Alan and Rob, and Scott and Jason find plenty of common ground as gay couples raising kids in the city, and a play date with their children is set. As we follow these couples through their developing friendship, the conversation deepens from afterschool pick-up to the cracks in their marriages – struggles which are mirrored in the relationships of their straight friends as well.
DirectorMichael J. Drury
ALAN Shayne Brakefield
ROB Drew Sutherland
SCOTT Joe Hatfield
JASON Mitchell Martin
MICHAEL Brent Gettelfinger
SERENA Mandi Hutchins
JULIA Sarah East

Pandora’s rehearsal schedules vary but are worked around submitted conflicts when possible.
 We rarely rehearse a show in linear fashion and not all actors are called for each rehearsal. 
When you are called you will be used. You won’t sit around waiting and never get to rehearse. 
That’s not how we roll at Pandora.
Our typical schedule is generally:
M – Th 6:30 – 10 p; Sat 10 a – 4 p; Sun 4 – 10 p. and for 4 – 6 weeks.
Musicals are on the longer end, plays on the shorter end of that scale.
This is a daunting schedule but remember, unless you are a lead, you won’t be called for all of them.
Our Tech rehearsals are generally 6 – 11 p, 4 – 5 nights prior to opening.
Because of our expansion to 3-week runs this year, giving us the added benefit of an added tech rehearsal.
Casting for the entire season will be done by the company’s Artistic Director: Michael J. Drury with input from Guest Directors.