Cultural Equity, Diversity & Inclusion 2019-05-04T14:27:14+00:00

Cultural Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We believe in the transformational power of theatre. We believe that the arts have the power to inspire social change. In pursuing this vision, we seek to manage our programs and organizational culture in a manner that embraces equity, diversity and inclusion. We are an organization that values and celebrates everyone’s life experiences, their voices and their histories. Celebrating unique perspectives and contributions, Pandora Productions expects that all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual identity, culture, age, gender expression, background, ability, economic status, education, credentials and experience is engaged in our programming.

We resolve to create a space where all people feel complete, heard, respected, understood, valued and connected. We strive to create an environment that feels like home to our artist participants and our audience. Creating a genuinely inclusive environment and ensuring that diverse voices are present and active in all aspects of our institutional life we believe enhances our organization’s effectiveness. We aim to continuously push our thinking, challenge long-held beliefs and assumptions and leverage our diversity to explore new, uncharted areas in our programming.